Cowboys come back in overtime. Bowl games up in the air for both.



Cowboys come back in overtime. Is Gundy happy now?

OKC Thunder

THUNDER VS. CAVS: Does OKC measure up

Rohde: Thunder finally gets a real opponents to see just how good they are after season's rough start.


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  • A Warriors vs. Thunder first-round preview?

    If OKC gets the No. 8 seed, the West's best series might come first

         Thursday night’s game between Golden State Warriors and OKC Thunder could have been an opening-round preview to this year’s Western Conference playoffs. Read More
  • Thunder riding longest winning streak in NBA

    OKC beats Kings for seventh straight and now faces 21-3 Warriors

         Following its 104-92 victory over the Kings on Tuesday night, the OKC Thunder took a 90-minute bus ride from Sacramento to San Francisco, en route to its next game against the Golden State Warriors in Oakland on Thursday night. Read More
  • Thunder wins sixth straight, 112-88 blowout of PHX

    OKC within a half-game of 8th place in West

    Two weeks ago, some were still doubting Oklahoma City's chance to make the NBA playoffs. While the head coach and players talk consistency, ignoring the playoff questions, the Thunder has mounted a 6-game streak. Here's the post-game report. Read More
  • From the top of the Hill to rock bottom

    Bedlam hero Tyreek Hill arrested for assaulting pregnant girlfriend

         After returning a punt 92 yards for a game-tying touchdown with 45 seconds left in the fourth quarter of last Saturday’s Bedlam game, Oklahoma State junior Tyreek Hill told reporters what he had just done “didn’t feel real at the time. I was crying tears of joy.” Read More
  • Kevin Durant talks Cavs-Thunder

    Here's Dave Garrett's post-practice report on gameday

    Tonight it's the first of two Cleveland-OKC matchups. While LeBron James' knee is injured and his playing status will be a game-time decision, there was still plenty to talk about with Kevin Durant. Read More
  • Finally, a legit game against a legit opponent

    Streaking Cavaliers will serve as a measuring stick for Thunder

         It took 22 games to get here, but the Thunder will play its season opener at 7 p.m. Thursday against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Read More
  • Cavs next, so who's freaking out?

    Not KD or Russ, but they may not be alone

    The Thunder seemed to be asked more about tomorrow's game than last night's, when meeting the media today. Here are Scott Brooks, Kevin Durant, Anthony Morrow and Russell Westbrook. Read More

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